Shark Club Agogo

Shark Club Agogo

Shark Club Agogo was originally located in Soi Diamond with a rear entrance in Soi 15. That location closed in June 2016 and is now Overmind Club Agogo. The owners of Shark, the so called French Group then bought Spice Agogo also in Soi 15. They then renamed Spice to Shark Agogo in January 2017.

It is one of the Agogo bars collectively known as the French bars.

The others are currently Lighthouse, The Palace, Crazy House, Mandarin, Bliss, Fahrenheit and Bypass Agogos. All are on Walking Street but Shark is the only one located on Soi 15 itself.

Shark Club Agogo Soi 15 Pattaya
Shark Club Agogo

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2 thoughts on “Shark Club Agogo

  1. Miami Vice

    Shark still struggling despite the move downstairs. Not enough going on to compete with the Soi 15 superstars. Went in every gogo on 15 last night with the exception of the upstairs bit at WhatsUp? Shark by far the quietest.

  2. Licky

    In its day a very popular bar. Been a graveyard location for many years and their decision to move downstairs will prove a wise one.

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