Beach Club Agogo

Beach Club Agogo is, or was, the first gogo bar on the left hand side as you walk up Soi 15 from Walking Street. It closed briefly in February 2016 and reopened on 1st March 2016 as Spice Club Agogo. It was the Second bar in the Soi after the V2o Ice Bar.

It then later renamed again and is currently Shark Agogo.

It was owned, until February 2016, by the Happy Group whose other bars in Pattaya were Happy Agogo, Bacarra and Peppermint. All are located on or just off Walking Street. The bar then sold again about two months later. This time to the (so called) French Group who also have several gogo bars in Walking Street. This happened at the same time they sold Shark, which subsequently became Overmind.

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May 2016 – Beach Club re-opened in Soi Happy remaining under the ownership of the Happy Group.

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